Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Soweto, Soccer, and Dlamini

Children walking arm in arm in Dlamini, a large plot of private property comprised of brick-housing, electricity, and a hopeful future for those who live a 20 minutes walk away in Kliptown, where less than a 1/5 of housing is brick and only a number of residents have a yard big enough to cultivate.
The 2 Kliptown soccer teams that ended up winning both gold and silver in a soccer championship near Pretoria on Saturday. While only a contemplation, it is curious that the poorest bunch is either the most hard-working or diligent of athletes, adolescents; luck had nothing to do with it.
Playing against your neighbor. Number 10, on the right, was the shortest kid to compete in the entire tournament of 50 kids under the age of 13. His ball-handling, speed, and unrivaled might earned him the MVP, a piggyback ride, and a cheering applause from his proud and elated team mates at the awards ceremony following the game.
Jo'burg skyline---a world of difference from the shacks in Kliptown; a contradictory mirror-image of the two Africa's I've seen.


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