Monday, June 22, 2009

Select Pictures from Kigali

Above is an image of a home in rural Rwanda from my window.
Traditional Rwandan dancers at the launch of the OLPC Center for Laptops and Learning in Kigali.
More dancers--this time ladies.
The view from my window next to the Hilltop Country Club. A very clean street, much like all others in the capital and the rest of this very proud country. At an unemployment rate of 60%, those who can find employment often work--doing what is much more rigorous than menial labor--cleaning the streets and clearing land ample for agriculture in a country that is still highly agrarian.

Me and my new OLPC Corps friends. Above me is Hassan and Adeola from Nigeria, next to me is a Corps member from Ethiopia or Eritrea, and others are unidentifiable, but only by me.

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