Friday, August 7, 2009

Here's To You

Ive learned that I need my friends

Ive learned that I can be bossy

Ive learned that I am very organized, responsible, and demanding

Ive learned that I will stop at nothing to achieve a goal

Ive learned I am easily hurt because my compassion is wounded

Ive learned that without writing, I am confined to a brain of anxiety

Ive learned that Im addicted to creating; without it I feel worthless

Ive learned to take comfort in 40 10-year-olds

Ive learned how powerful is the urgency and plea of the spoken word, how overpowering the secrecy and nuance of the written

Ive learned how pivotal physical exercise is to mental freedom

Im learning there are detriments to ambition

Im learning that intelligence comes as much in the form of dialogue as it does literature

Im learning how much love is in this world and yet how often children are in search of it

Im learning how much I love to read

Im learning to trust no one but myself

Im learning how ignorance imprisons

Im still learning to overcome my fears

Im still learning to think before I speak

Im realizing how talkative and curious I am when I lead a sober life

Im continuing to be amazed at the goodwill of the people in my life—k.a.,a.p.,o.p.,s.p.,k.k.,r.g.,p.o.,h.s.,v.w.,p.l.,b.d.,t.m.,m.m.,b.m.,s.l.,f.b.,a.g.,p.c.,j.m.,d.l.,a.c.,p.r.,j.a.,f.p.,a.a.,l.w., s.f..

Im remembering how big dreams are when you’re a kid

Im continuing to learn that the human experience is so difference it can by virtue never be the same

Im starting to believe that children are the strongest humans on earth

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