Monday, July 20, 2009

Here's To You

ive learned that i cant sit idly by when injustice occurs around me.

ive learned i am easily taken advantage of and represent a prey for predators; that despite my tough exterior i am all three weak, damaged, and insecure.

ive learned i value health and intellectual stimulation

ive learned i am only beautiful if i believe all of myself--at all times--to be

ive learned i can survive on very little

ive learned trust is the most important thing in life

ive learned that looks can be deceiving

ive learned to trust my instincts

i am learning to let go of fear

i am learning people of different and same colors live separate realities

i am learning i cannot do everything alone

ive learned how much i take for granted

im learning how 'comfort' is neither necessary nor unnecessary 

ive learned how much i can change a life

i continue to learn how beautiful people are

im learning not to judge people who hurt me but rather to ask myself why

im learning how instrumental my psyche is to my environment

ive learned to take advice and welcome defeat

1 comment:

  1. a touching post... s.a. is being transformational indeed :) - boris.