Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tick, Tock

its a waiting game at this point. everything is ready to go. will meet with group on sunday to talk about plan, back-up plan, and a back-up plan to that back-up plan. we are going to the slum of soweto. many people try to paint the situation with pretty colors, but the reality is not luxurious. however, if we stay on track, go in confident, and do our job--all the while making sure to compensate locals and contribute to the community--we'll be fine. also important to be in a tight knit community where people will stand up for us and their word will go a long way. despite the 1:2 HIV/AIDS infection rate in kliptown and a 60% unemployment rate, one thing kliptown is, is deep-rooted. the oldest settlement in soweto at an inception year of 1903, kliptown has 'soul'. we are staying with a respected woman in her home.

spoke to our ngo director today and his voice and confidence in us shone through the skype wire. he was very reassuring and i know we are in good hands.

still need to go over detailed lesson plans and got the go ahead from director to personally incorporate AIDS prevention into the 2 month stay. "it would be a shame if you didnt," he said. good man.

finished compiling thorough contact list today; is comprised of soweto, s.a., and north american sources. people make this world go 'round. 

a special thanks to everyone who has been so warm and relentless in opening their lives and sometimes homes to a woman and a group they don't even know. couldn't have done this without you all. would post your info but i fugure you'd hate that.

14 days.

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